The Center provides a neutral forum for dialogue and to create the opportunity to discuss and address development & reconstruction issues of common concern to the Somali Society.

The Center is committed to promoting consensus decision-making at the policy and community level by encouraging and supporting the participation of citizens in the affairs affecting their lives.

The goal of CRD is to empower Somali communities’ transition to peaceful change by proving them with a neutral venue to identify their issues and set priorities for response.

CRD collaborates with a number of international institutions whose program is designed to assist local and national actors as well as the international community in responding more affectively to the challenges of overcoming conflict, preventing its re-occurrence and building a lasting peace in Somalia. It does so by employing an approach that :


“Building sustainable peace and long term development throughout Somalia by strengthening the capacity of the people through research and dialogue.”


“Self sustained centre re-known for Peace, Research and Public Policy Development throughout Somalia and greater horn of Africa”.


  1. Local Ownership
  2. Transparency
  3. Integrity
  4. Accountability
  5. Non-partisan
  6. Pioneering (Venturing)

CRD Working Principles

  1. Participatory
  2. Vision Driven
  3. Partnership