Naivasha Declaration on Regional Civil Society Engagement in Peace, Security and Stabilization of the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa


We the civil society representatives of the Hom of Africa and the Great Lakes region; gathered in Naivasha , Kenya on 1011i to 11’h October 2014 at the regional civil society deliberation forum under the theme “Region Civil Society Mechanism for Coordinated Action on Peace, Security and Stabilization”

Having analysed the conflict dynamics in the states of the Hom Africa and Great Lakes region including Burundi, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda ,

Further considering that the conflicts are not only domestic concerns but have regional and international dimensions.  Deeply concerned that the long running conflicts have resulted in death, massive displacements of people to TDP and refugee camps; human trafficking, insecurity of communities and nations; gender­ based violence, increased criminality; and state fragility and failure;

Concerned about the threat of tenorism and youth radicalization; cross-border tensions and conflicts; resource based-conflicts;  ethno-politics; election related violence; religious conflicts; illicit proliferation of and unregulated trade in arms; and armed groups; Recognizing the severe impact of armed violence on men, women and children, family, community, state and the region; Conscious of the necessity of a multi-actor approach to peacebuild ing, inclusive of the private sector, civil society, governments, regional inter-governmental organisations, and the United Nations;

Download the Naivasha Declaration on Peace & Security in GHoA