Baraarug Youth Grant

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Get Up, Stand Up   Youth Grant (Baraarug)

For over two decades, the Somali youth have been perceived as aggressors rather than the victims of a ruthless Somali civil strife. As a result, in the light of recent progress towards the creation of a permanent government, peace and stability, this large group of the Somalis, accounting for 70 per cent of the total population, have only been met with suspicion, fear and discrimination from the peace, state and reconciliation building processes.

It is against this background that CRD is launching the BARAARUG – Youth Grant project. With a shortage of employment opportunities for young people, and a collapsed education system, the 70 per cent dominant young generation are often referred to as the “lost generation.” BARAARUG – Youth Grant will counteract this by re-establishing confidence in young people and encourage productivity.

“Unfortunately most of the Somali youth have never experience a normal way of life. Instead, they continue to live in a state of despair and hopelessness decades after decades, which have forced countless number of youth to cross into perilous seas, face detention in foreign countries and death itself.

Objective of the Baraarug Youth Grant

The project aimed not only to change how youth perceived by others but more importantly, how the youth themselves perceive their own capacity and society. By giving these young men and women the opportunity to dream, self-actualize and manage funds towards set goals, Baraarug aims at reclaiming and restoring faith among the youth.