Intra-clan Reconciliation in Central Regions

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This project is designed to respond to the urgent next steps identified by key leaders and the stakeholders from the Central Regions in a consultation meeting held on 17-19 June 2013, which are outlined in an Official Communiqué published by the stakeholders present. This consultation initiated a reconciliation process between the major conflicting clans in the Central Region that needs further support and facilitation in order to succeed in building on this momentum through a bottom-up process that will address the existing conflicts to facilitate their resolution and bring about reconciliation.

More specifically; the project has facilitated preparatory meetings for the major clans in the Central Regions to engage and prepare the sub-clans for reconciliation and initiate a process of intra-clan conflict resolution. Broad consultation and engagement is essential to lay the groundwork for genuine reconciliation, to increase buy-in from all levels of the clan structure and nominate the key clan representatives to negotiate on behalf of the clan stakeholders.

A successfully planned reconciliation process will result in sustainable reconciliation and lay the groundwork for effective and representative governance structure.