My Mogadishu Program

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This project has proven to be a success and has granted these small groups of youth the opportunity to individually capture the true essence of city and manage to convey their interpretation of the city. It is surprising that their photographic work did not portray any images of violence, brutality or violations of human rights. But, instead that of ordinary market transactions and people going about their daily businesses. It was an astounding insight on their own lives and there subconscious mind, in spite of the fact that these young groups of individuals grew up in a world full of violence. they took no interest in capturing the violent side of the city, but they give us, in return, their sense of declaration of people going about their daily lives and asserted that this is ‘My Mogadishu’.

Over the last 21 years, images of destruction and bloodshed have defined Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu.

Now a different story is emerging. With increased stability, restaurants are opening, young children are swimming and everyday life is resuming. Over 20 young Somalis from Mogadishu chose to capture this progress during photography classes supported by TIS and facilitated by CRD.

The class used their cameras to visualize daily life: midday napping, ex- changing money at a street bureau and buying charcoal in a local market. The participants branded the series of photographs My Mogadishu.

The four-month training was provided to young people who had either been involved in clan militia, crime or were defectors from Al Shabaab.

“I am used to shooting an AK47, not a camera. My life is really changing. Now I am capturing positive news; I am not harming anyone. This could become a career for me.”