Peacebuilding and State formation in Central Regions

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The CRD is current engaged in program to enhance the stability in the central regions through consultations and dialogues that lead to reconciliation and improved governance within and between the communities in the central regions.

This engagement is part of a larger action plan that aims to develop stable and effective governance in the central regions. The goal of the action plan is to facilitate stability in the central regions through a staged approach including reconciliation, governance development, and capacity building.

The central regions of Somalia are some of the most politically powerful regions in the country as well as some of the most volatile; plagued by armed groups and warlordism through the 1990’s into the mid-2000’s, only to be replaced by more radical groups; pirate gangs, religious militias, and (minimally) international forces. In comparison to their northern neighbors of Puntland, the capital of Mogadishu, the southern regions including Lower Juba, Middle Juba, and Gedo, and the Bay and Bakool regions, the central regions have received minimal support and attention from the central governments and from the international community. Longstanding conflicts that have been perpetuated and exacerbated since the early 1990’s continue within and between clans lending to a lack of trust, cooperation, and cohesion within these regions.

After years of conflicts, the resemblance of legitimate security services seems to be appearing in the various cities and towns of the central regions. The situation is ripe for reconciliation and conflict resolution. There is an opportunity to take the first steps towards peaceful coexistence, governance development, security services expansion, and overall greater stability.