The Peace Initiative in Bay and Bakool

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Overall Objective of The Peace Initiative in Bay and Bakool initiative is to contribute to enhanced political stability in Bay and Bakool regions of Somalia. Peace is among the priorities of the new President. Specific Objective: Local and regional mediation and conflict resolution mechanisms are strengthened, reducing the number of active conflicts in Bay and Bakool. Bay and Bakool Regions saw no peace and stability for a long time. Traditional elders say that mediation and genuine reconciliation between and among all stakeholders in the two regions is the only way out for lasting peace and reconciliation.

The involvement of Institutional actors like the Regional Authorities and the Federal Government is instrumental to the sustainability of the peace interventions of the action. It also strengthens the legitimacy of regional institutions and the linkage between the regional and the national level. As to Regional authorities,

in 2007 the local population in Bay and Bakool was assisted to constitute a community assembly to elect regional and District level administrators. Today, all the clans in Bay and Bakool and the various Rahanweyne clans share in the local administrations.