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Mid ka mid ah madaxda Xarunta Cilmi Baarista iyo Wada Tashiga (CRD) ee magaaladda Muqdisho, Jibril Ibraahim Cabdulle, oo ay BBC-du waraysatay ayaa waxa uu ka warramay dhibaatooyinka horyaalla dowladda la filayo

Judical Training

SUMMARY:This Evaluation is a result of a wide range of interviews with a number of individuals and organizations intended to help CRD review the impact and benefits of a training "Support of the Somali Judicial System" given to the judicial personnel in South-Centeral Somalia. The training was made by CINS (an Italian NGO) and CRD was assigned to conduct this Evaluation.

This Evaluation was envisioned to explore the Project impact, its effectiveness to reach the intended goals and CRD tried to identify, in collaboration with the implementing agencies, whether the message in the training was well understood. This Evaluation focuses on the impact and effectiveness of the training project with the help of UNOPS.

OBJECTIVE :This Evaluation was aimed to strength the newly established Judicial System in South-Centeral Somalia. The strategy of this Evaluation Report includes also focusing on the objectives and results achieved in the field during the implementation period.

Duration :This assignment was on Dec.2001 and finished 10th Feb. 2002 in Mogadishu and a total of 40 people were interviewed.


SUMMARY: With the collapse of the Somali state governing system and the ensuing civil war, women, children, the aged and the youth being the most affected once.
Justice System and the rule of Law are also affected by the collapse of the Somali government system and the civil war entire country. This vacuum created by the chronic absence of the rule of Law has severely affected the most vulnerable groups among the society mainly women, children and elderly.

This report was studying the rule of the women NGO's, Challenges and receptiveness of women before and after the collapse.

The aim of this study is, therefore, to assess access of women to the justice system with the aim of ascertaining capacity, challenges and receptiveness of women. The study also focuses on, if any, women's advocacy organizations in the justice system.
This study also reviews the knowledge based of women on the prevailing justice system both in the past and the present, and also attempts to identify and assess the existence of women's advocacy organization and their capacities.

DURATION: This project was started on Nov.2002 and finished on Jan.2003 in Mogadishu.


SUMMARY This project was a conflict reconciliation consultancy for the community groups in Marka.

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this consultancy is to build capacity and raise their awareness and conflict resolution and peace community groups in Marka, through training.

The strategy includes also showing them documented film gallery from South-centeral Somalia that deals with reconciliation, peace and community issues.

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