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Good Local Governance and Leadership Training Programme - CRD Somalia

1. Introduction:The following summary outlines the Somalia Good Local Governance and Leadership Training Programme, proposed by UN-HABITAT and funded by the European Commission- Somalia Unit. This document summarises the objectives for 18 months and is based on the recommendations of the Somalia Urban Sector Profile Study strategy and framework for intervention. This proposal focuses on addressing a core component of the Urban Governance Programme, particularly capacity building for good local governance.

The programme is developed in line with the conclusions of the EU Council of Ministers - General Affairs and External Relations - 2447th Council Meeting in Brussels 22 July 2002 through supporting efforts aiming at an early establishment of effective administration throughout Somalia including an all-inclusive, broad-based administration and, in parallel, the consolidation of provisional regional administrations representing components of Somali society.

2. Background:
The above mentioned Somalia Urban Sector Profile study concluded with a strategy intended to provide a guiding framework to all interested parties (central, local authorities, the private sector, NGOs and the international community) for intervention in the urban sector. The Strategy includes two main programmes: (1) Urban Governance; and, (2) Urban Management.

This proposal focuses on addressing a core component of the Urban Governance Programme, particularly capacity building for good local governance.

3. Approach to Problems and Solutions:

The approach of this programme is based on adapting globally tested training materials to the local conditions; building the capacity of local training institutions through training of trainers; and, undertaking training of local leaders, NGOs/CBOs and other local stakeholders on local leadership and organisational skills with the aim of achieving good governance practices as a basis for sustainable local development.

4. Habitat Approach:

5. Problems/Solutions:
Human settlements are the most affected by the civil war where physical destruction has affected infrastructure and services. To add to the burdens, returnees and IDPs have chosen towns as destinations for resettlement. Unfortunately, local institutions are not in a position to address these pressures, they have been left in a poor state as all their records have been ravaged, their capacities reduced to ineffectiveness and the human resources that staffed them depleted. Local development is at the heart of the reconstruction and rehabilitation process. To achieve this there is an urgent need for local authorities, stakeholders, NGOs, CBOs and various relevant actors to have an improved capacity to deal with the expected efforts of development. Good governance and participatory planning and decision making are key to effective development.


The following table outlines the major objectives:

1- To build the capacity of local trainers, from training institutions, in the design of training courses in good governance and build the capacity of local leaders in:

Roles and responsibilities of local actorsq
Good local leadership skills
Roles of women in governance; and
Development and use of Governance indicators/index for management/monitoring.

2- To build the capacity of local trainers/training institutions and to build the capacity of CBO/NGO representatives in:

Roles of NGOs in local development;
Building NGO/CBO Capacity for Organisational Outreach; and
Building Bridges between Citizens and Local Governments.

3- To build the capacity of local trainers from training institutions in the design of training courses and the capacity of local leaders, councillors and CBOs/NGOs in applying skills gained in previous training (1 and 2 above) in:

Participatory decision makingq Participatory planning (city consultations) to develop local action plan/policy
Demonstration projects identified in the action plan will be funded and implemented
Follow up on implementation of action plan.

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